Nordic Startup Bits – the new kid in town

We arrived in Stockholm and are the new kid in town, but with a smile on our face and ready to conquer the world or at least the nordics.

There are room for more exposure to startups and there are much more room for exposure to early stage startups from the nordics.

According to an analysis by VC Creandum, 3 % of the population in Europe is represented in the nordic region, but 33 % of all exits in dollar came from the happiest region in the world. We are killing it!

One bit at a time
We want to be the media who write about early stage startups from the nordics and help them get early exposure and a better change for making it. We want more Skypes, Spotifys, Soundcloud, Just-Eat, Zendesk, Supercells and we want to help growing #SthlmTech, #cphftw and #siliconfjord and initiatives that support the ecosystem

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