Sortedam Ventures signs up Comundu as new portfolio company, Opeepl, Voiceboxer. The list of startups which Sortedam Ventures has signed up, counts several succesessuccessful companies. They have now turned to the travel platform, Comundu, and starting from January the two companies will continue their journey together. By Tina Søndergaard

You have a great idea for a digital product. You know the market and have a good idea on how to the reach the customers. But you are missing someone to develop the product.

We just need a developer”. That is a common situation for entrepreneurs, but that is exactly where the four year old company, Sortedam Ventures, is able to help – that is, if your idea and your team appeal to them.

Sortedam Ventures signs up young startups and take responsibility for the product development, so that the founders can concentrate on what they know about best – in the case of Comundu it means that they can focus on their niche, hostels and backpackers.

Scalable portfolio companies with a strong team

The companies that Sortedam Ventures signs up, are being screened very closely. Not only by the director, Michael Clausen, but also by the investor commitee of the company which mainly consists of business executives. It is important for Sortedam Ventures that potential new companies not only have a great idea, but are scalable and have a strong team to back it up.

About choosing Comundu as their new portfolio company, Michael Clausen states that:

Comundu fits perfectly into our portfolio, not only because of the founders extensive knowledge of the market, but also because of their focus with their business. They have found a gap in the market, and together with the potential of the company it is very interesting for us”

A collaboration with perspective

Comundu is founded by the siblings, Lasse and Mia Grosen and is built around a digital platform for hostels and backpackers. The collaboration with Sortedam Ventures has an impact on their ability to approach the market faster and stronger:

”We are soon launching on the European market and in collaborating with Sortedam, we have gained a very competent technical partner, who also has a good understanding of our business. The partnership provides us with technical ballast to go to market, and it was the missing link to ensure a great team for the further development of Comundu” Lasse Grosen says

In February, Comundu will launch their platform on more than 15 hostels in Europe. Their goal is to develop the product further in collaboration with the hostels, until they are ready to expand further.