New Danish app wants to disrupt the transport industry

GoMore, which is one of the largest co-driving websites in Denmark, has launched a new disruptive app. The app has a design that should make it even more fun and convenient to find a co-driver on your trips. GoMore expects that they with the introduction of this new app will facilitate more than 300,000 trips in Denmark in 2015.

The ambition with the new app is to secure a growth in Denmark. In 2014 the users of GoMore shared more than 140,000 trips and the expectations are that it is possible to double that number through 2015. One of the reasons for that is the introduction of the new disruptive app.

It is convenient to arrange co-driving trips while you are on the road and the new real-time functions in our app makes it faster than ever to find a co-driver. We see GoMore as a community and a social media. We hope that the great community that exists on our website will be transferred to our app. – Mikkel Marius Winther, GoMore

The app contains all the key features they the users know from the website. Beside of that GoMore has developed new member profiles with ratings and recommendations. At the same they have developed a real-time message system that combines the users. We asked GoMore if they see this app as a finish product.

When you are startup you have a mind-set where you are always testing, you are always in beta. But I think this app is a very complete product that will challenge the establish players in the market. We already have 250,000 users in Scandinavia and facilitate 584,000 trips pr. year in total. – Mikkel Marius Winther, GoMore

The app is ready to download for Iphones. A version for Android smartphones is expected to be ready in the coming months.