Airtame received 1.4 million from Angel Investor Tommy Andersen and SEED Capital

Danish start-up Airtame just received 1.4 million of seed funding from angel investor and Libratone-founder Tommy Andersen and SEED Capital. This is after Airtame successfully raised 1.3 million from crowd-funding site Indiegogo in late 2013

The money will be used to fund a full product launch of Airtame’s HDMI device which lets users share content from their devices wirelessly.  Airtame has some cool features that allow users to extend their screens, present from their mobile device and do- away with inconvenient and chunky wires.

With this new funding Airtame is feeling the pressure to ramp up production.  The company has just made a partnership with the third largest electronic’s manufacturer, Jabil.

CEO Jonas Gyalokay however has acknowledged the challenges of being ‘overfunded.’ Managing funders, completely restructuring your business plans, meeting quality standards are just a few of the ‘problem’s Gyalokay identified in  Why over-funded crowdfunding campaigns can really suck.’

Nevertheless Gyalokay and his team are very excited about the news.