The founders of Lonely Duck have founded a new social calendar app

Raft is a new social startup, that have developed a calendar app for everyone that wants to have a better way to plan their life together with their partner and friends. The three founders had previously founded an app development agency called Lonely Duck.

They grew that company to ten employees and delivered global apps to brands such as Puma, Chrysler and the Mexican Tourism Board in US. They sold Lonely Duck some years back and after working at different places they decided to start working on our own app and founded Raft.

We felt as if almost all calendar apps were focused on increasing productivity and efficiency of the users. But we wanted to focus on making our user happier not more efficient. We’ve built a completely new calendar infrastructure, which allows us to have features no other calendar app has. Like chat, a feed, sharing of events, likes and many more features like pictures etc. – Anders Ekman, CEO of Raft

Few days ago Microsoft acquired the calendar startup Sunrise for 100 million dollars. We asked the co-founder of Raft, Anders Ekman, about what the differences are between the two startups.

04d5968The biggest different is that we’re not syncing with any other calendars. Sunrise is a great app if you’re using a calendar at work, but it is built on the exciting calendar standard, which limits what you can do with it. Since we’re not syncing with any other calendars we can offer a modern, mobile calendar. So if Sunrise’s customers are people that are dependent on their work calendar, our customers are people that are looking for a replacement for their paper calendar, and people who doesn’t use a calendar at work so to speak. And that target group is bigger than you’d expect – Anders Ekman, CEO of Raft