Swedish Hoffice facilitates private co-working space

Are you currently working from your own home and do you have excess space? Then why not share this space with other people also working from their home?

The Swedish movement Hoffice facilitates home sharing in a new innovative way. It is a philosophy, and a network of people who wants to work together for free in each others’ homes instead of separately. The overall purpose is to enable more people to pursue their dreams.

A simple concept
The concept is quite simple. Via Facebook you sign up for a Hoffice event in a Hoffice community. After this you are ready to join the group and start working at your new office. While giving you the opportunity to benefit from a group of likeminded Hoffice is completely free to join and use.

…Based on a greater vision
Hoffice is started by Christofer Gradin Franzen. The idea arose in autumn 2013 as Christofer was working from home developing a psychological board game about cooperation (Cohero) while at the same time finishing his master thesis. Realising that he did not get enough done and that he became lonesome, Christofer and his friend Johline Lindholm, who is president of an environmental organisation, started working at home together. This constellation was what triggered the idea of Hoffice. However they had certain criteria for fulfilling it:

“We asked ourselves – how can we create the work situation that we want, without using more of society’s scarce resources and instead start with what we have in an effective way?” – Christofer Gradin Franzen

Behind the idea lies also Cristofer’s own experience with gift economy, which he got from following a dream of creating an EcoTourism Business.

“I ended up on Sri Lanka working with Buddhist/Gandhian grassroots movement, where offering of one’s time and resources as a gift is the main vehicle for creating positive social and cultural impact. – Christofer Gradin Franzen

More than just utilisation of unused space
It is free to join and use Hoffice. Instead of giving money members are encouraged to donate some of their personal resources and time to the group. This could be in the form of tips of business contacts or new partnerships.

“Working from Hoffice has several benefits. It is efficient and enjoyable. It is also great for networking, we meet people from different sectors and backgrounds and get a glimpse into each other’s work.” – Bodil Palmberg, member of Hoffice Copenhagen

To encourage the beneficial sharing of resources and time Hoffice suggests a structure of 45-minutes sessions, pause activities and telling each other what you want to achieve during the day.

 “We get done what we want done by setting clear goals. The structure of 45 minutes focused work followed by a 15 minutes break helps reinforce concentration and enjoyment.” – Bodil Palmberg

The structure is however just for inspiration. So if you just wish to mind your own business you are very welcome to structure your day just as you like.

“The philosophy behind the structure is to emphasize the voluntariness even more. The structure is laid, and it should be supportive and certainly not authoritarian. It must be easy to say ’no’ to what you don’t want. People join a Hoffice on their own terms.” – Christofer Gradin Franzen

Using Hoffice helps Bodil Palmberg to be efficient, and for her it is much more than just a shared office:

“Now days, when I really want to get things done, I invite people for an Hoffice working day. The vibrant energy of concentrated people helps to keep focus and so does the goal setting and reporting back on what was achieved. After the day, I feel good having done what I wanted to achieve and also have spent the day with nice and inspiring people.” – Bodil Palmberg

Interested? Just go to http://hoffice.nu/en/find-or-start-a-hoffice-group/ to find the nearest Hoffice group. Among many other places there are already Hoffices in Helsinki, Göteborg, Stockholm and Copenhagen. You can also simply create one yourself.

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