#2 Nordic Co-working Spaces: SUP46

SUP46, Start-Up People of Sweden, is a co-working & meeting space located in the heart of Stockholm, with the goal of making Stockholm the #1 startup city in the world. This is the second article in our series about Nordic co-working spaces. You can read the first article about Danish Startup City here!

Stockholm is home to a large number of fast-growing tech companies, such as Mojang, Spotify and King. Even though Stockholm is one of the world’s leading startup hotspots, it had no central co-working and meeting space for startups, and the startup community could feel its absence.

The Co-working Space Stockholm Needed

SUP46 launched back in October 2013, after many people within the startup scene in Stockholm, realized the need for a physical central co-working and meeting space for startups – to gather Stockholm’s startup community.
The idea for SUP46 came to life after STING contacted Jessica Stark, CEO and Co-Founder of SUP46, and asked her to do a pre-study of investigate the possibilities to create a startup hub for the growing startup community in Stockholm.

Jessica Stark

“I saw the same need as STING did for a central startup hub, and therefore I jumped into this project with the focus to take it from idea to execution.” Says Jessica Stark, CEO and Co-Founder of SUP46.

The Venues are 2000 square meters, located in the heart of the city, with spaces made for co-working, conferences, events, investor space and meetings.

Focus on Scalable Businesses with Global Potential

Startup members are cherry-picked scalable startups with global ambitions, mainly in the areas of Internet, mobile, media and gaming.  Only the most exciting and innovative companies are accepted as startup members and applicants are screened and selected among hundreds of applications. Current members include Fishbrain, the leading social sport-fishing app with more than 650,000 users.

“Our members like that we are very selective. It creates a winner attitude and ensures great inspiration and knowledge sharing between our startups.” Says Jessica Stark, CEO and Co-Founder of SUP46.

SUP46 also offer an open environment for all startup people, which would like to be a part of the SUP46 community. Every kitchen works as a hangout space, where anybody can drop by, grab a cup of coffee and network.

SUP46 have many investors, both as partners as well as members such as FundedByMe, a crowdfunding platform. SUP46 also receive many visits from international investors and have several international investor members, such as Index Ventures and Lakestar.

The Benefits of Being a Member

SUP46 offer two different kind of membership as well as the opportunity to rent your own room. The prices are as following:

  • Fixed membership, 3500 SEK ($415 ~) per month for a personal seat.
  • Flex membership, 2500 SEK ($300 ~) per month for a hot seat.
  • Room, 5000 SEK ($600 ~) per month.

SUP46 gives its startup members a clear head start, increasing their odds of following in the footsteps of other Swedish giants like Skype and Spotify. You get access to the most inspirational people Stockholm has to offer, as well as the opportunity to knowledge share with other SUP46 members. Some of the benefits of being a member are:

  • 24/7 office access, including free meeting rooms, free coffee, a locker, Friday after-work beer and much more.
  • Networking opportunities with SUP46 network, such as investors, corporates and other entities that can support your growth.
  • Access to SUP46 service providers
  • Invitation to SUP46 events
  • Opportunity to participate in SUP46 mentorship program
  • PR-support through SUP46 channels
  • Discount on SUP4 conference rooms and event space

Event Space for Startup Related Events

SUP46 is more than just a co-working space. It is the place to be, if you are organizing a startup related event. The event space can hold up to 150 guests at any given time, and even contains an outdoor garden. The event space is very popular in Stockholm’s startup scene and is used for presentations, launches, lectures, hackathons and much more.

“We host more than 20 startup related events every month” Says Jessica Stark, CEO and Co-Founder of SUP46.

If you are interested in becoming a member of SUP46, then you can read more about applying for membership here!


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