Sweden’s first e-commerce park – the place for future e-commerce to evolve

Monday the 19th of January E-commerce Park of Sweden was inaugurated in a large 4.000 square meter building localised in Helsingborg.

Here small and medium-sized e-commerce companies can now acquire office space in direct continuation of Sweden’s second largest container dock.

We know the concept from the startup environment where entrepreneurs work under the same roof in order to make use of each other’s competencies and experiences. The ambition of Ecommerpark.se is to do exactly this for small and medium-sized e-commerce businesses and with it become the center of a growing industry. Besides this, the park offers logistics and warehouse solutions for the e-commerce businesses.

Due to excellent traffics opportunities to Sweden and the remaining Nordic countries the two founders of the e-commerce park Dan Nilsson and Karsten Deppert choose to place the park at Helsingborg dock. Thus, the offices lie in continuation of Sweden’s second largest container dock.

31b00e1“The idea behind E-commerce park of Sweden started a few years back as Dan Nilsson ran his own company Roliga Prylar, and thus experienced the need for such a place himself. He wanted to create an office community in which e-traders have the possibility to spar with each other, as they often experience the same problematics. Also he wanted to give them an opportunity to economise on logistic related expenses. Dan Nilsson shared the idea with current founder Karsten Deppert. Now, a few years later, the two can together present Ecommercepark.se to the rest of the world,” tells project managers Amelie Lidén.

Small and medium sized e-commerce shops encounter numerous and often similar challenges as they scale their businesses. The problematics cover a wide field from needing more storage place to identifying the right competences within e.g. marketing, logistics or law.

The goal with the e-commerce park is to enable the users to draw on each others’ competencies and experiences in order to minimize possible hindrances.

“Our goal is to create an open and professional environment with obvious opportunities for knowledge sharing. E-traders have the unique advantage of experiencing a lot of the same problems. At the same time each company have their own specific target group. This makes it easy for the companies to share knowhow and experiences without competing directly,” says project manager Amelie Lidén.

The main focus of the e-commerce park will be on the warehouse. It will be possible for companies to lease on a square meter basis giving them a high degree of flexibility. Another real advantage is that the warehouse and the offices are placed right next to Sweden’s second largest container dock.

Initially E-commerce Park of Sweden will consist of roughly 2.000 m2 office space and 5.000 m2 warehouse. During next two years the goal is to expand to twice the size, tells Dan Nilsson. Besides this the goal within the next few years is to hold more than 40 companies from the whole of Scandinavia, who all wish to scale their business faster and better using the right setting.

The article was originally published on Shopsonline