Startup Travels teams up with Workaway Camp

Startup Travels and Workaway Camp are partnering up this May to help connect entrepreneurs around the world in sunny Barcelona.

Workaway Camps provides entrepreneurs with a more unorthodox working environment. The two types of camps on offer include ‘adventure camps’ whereby Workaway organizes trips to ‘explore parts of the world,’ climbing mountains and the likes, and remote luxury hotel getaways such as the camp offered this May.

This May the two Danish firms are offering 20 entrepreneurs the opportunity to forget about the practicalities of reality for 7 days, and focus on their startups in the remote mountainside on the outskirts of Barcelona. The house offers ‘good wifi,’ workspaces, talks, feedback sessions as well as a pool, lounges, picturesque scenery, and cooking of an authentic Spanish chef.

The camps have been received well by participants. Many have expressed such unconventional working spaces as being great for productivity. “It is an experience to work in a totally different way, compared to what you are used to’ says Maj Wismann founder of

The synergies between Workaway and Startup Travels are undeniable. Both companies aim to connect entrepreneurs and foster networking.

29a106b“Startup travels connects entrepreneurs on a virtual scale but our aim is for our entrepreneurs to meet in person, so a partnership with Workaway was an obvious choice.” says Anders Hasselstrøm to Nordic Startup Bits.

Startup Travels hopes that all 20 spots will be taken by users of their platform.