Closr – a personal relationship management tool

The app Closr is started by the two Swedish entrepreneurs Alex Lewerentz and Peter Eriksson.

They started the app Closr because they had so many contacts spread over the phone book and other social networks, but still they had no place to save important information to help them remember stuff that they wanted to pick up on the next time they meet them.

So they started Closr, which is like CRM, but for “normal people”. We asked about what their plans are when it comes to the go-to-market strategy.

“Go to market is heavily based on referrals. I worked a lot with Tell A Friend, and Mutual Incentives at Rebtel and we  reached amazing numbers during my time there. So with Closr it’s the basic assumption that you raise the value of using the app if you invite your friends to it. That way you are getting richer profiles and get more information about them.” – Alex Lewerentz

With the app Closr you can add information and remember important things about your contacts. It also helps you to find and re-discover common touch points or interests. So now you can finally be that social genius at the next dinner or business meeting.

Putting personal into business relationships

Your phone’s Contacts is the least developed social network out there, but still, you use it everyday. Closr is evolving your Contacts, and at the same time giving business users a tool for getting closer to their contacts, close more deals and to stay closer with their network.

083a342“We are calling it PRM, Personal Relationship Management and we think this is something big coming. Both Microsoft and Salesforce are already starting to talk about “dinners” and “social gatherings”, not only “business meetings” in their communication.” – Alex Lewerentz

Closr has recently won the best startup/pitch at Uppstart, which is one the biggest tech events in the Nordic region.

They have also been selected to TNW’s BOOST program as one of 150 startups from all over the world and will be one of the exhibitors at TNW Conference Europe 2015 in Amsterdam 23-24 April.