Danish Nustay.com secures 500.000 dollars in investment

The Danish site Nustay.com, which will provide customers with exclusive, personalized offers on luxury hotels, has just secured 500.000 dollars in the first investment round. The site is expected to launch in April.

Even though Nustay.com still has not launched and thus lacks a real product the 25 years old founder and CEO Mathias Lundø Nielsen has just secured his first angel investment with no less than 500,000 dollars. According to Mathias Lundø Nielsen this situation is unprecedented

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAFZAAAAJDNkMTFiNzdhLTI3YjAtNGNjMi1iYTUwLWZkMDYyZTNkMzExNA Even though the investment is huge we only gave out a small share of the company. Although we can’t reveal the details regarding this I can guarantee that the investment gives Nustay.com a valuation which is unprecedented for a Danish startup, says Mathias Lundø Nielsen while confirming that the valuation equals a 7-digit dollar amount.

From one to several investors
Originally Nustay.com was about to secure 1 million Euro in seed funding for 20% of the company from the London based AppIdea.com. However, the two parts ended up settling for a smaller agreement allowing for more investors to join in.

 “As the deadline for the offer emerged the expectations from each part had changed,” says Mathias Lundø Nielsen

He explains that in the end AppIdea.com only got to invest 125,000 dollars for a very small part of the company and that both parts turned out to be very satisfied with this arrangement.

An investor with capital, network and experience
In the wake of the investment from AppIdea.com the Danish entrepreneur Magnus Kjøller and his team has put in the remaining 375,000 dollars amounting the total investment to 500.000 dollars.

Besides bringing capital Magnus Kjøller also adds valuable knowledge regarding marketing which Nustay can benefit from

“We chose Magnus Kjøller and his team because they are demonstrating results within ecommerce and online entrepreneurship. This is crucial for a project like ours as we not only need funding but also a global network and professional discussions. This is exactly what Magnus Kjøller and his team is able to offer in abundance.

Other investors in Nustay includes Simon Skouboe who manages Henne Kirkeby Kro, Michael Telling, manager of Kokkedal Slot and Jeff Coe from Voyat International.

Help to luxury hotels
Nustay.com has made a platform with the purpose of helping luxury hotels dispose of their unoccupied rooms. Nustay stands out by giving hotels the possibility to send out unique offers to the individual guest.

Nustay ensures a perfect match between the specific hotel and the individual guest. By using their own algorithm they rank guests based in their profile, interests and consumption pattern.

“We have cracked the code and solved a number of problems for the luxury hotels and the guests which no one have been able to solve before,” Mathias Lundø Nielsen explains, and continues “The question is not whether there is a basis for the company, it is rather how large the company can become,” Mathias Lundø Nielsen finishes