Workaway’s Morroco experience

Danish startup Workaway is at it again, this time whizzing its entrepreneurs to a secluded villa in the outskirts of Marrakesh and Adadir.

The goal of Workaway is to give participants an opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs, solve internal business problems and expand their customer base. The seven day course also gave participants the opportunity to take in the idyllic surroundings, relax and enjoy authentic Moroccan cooking.

26fc56cAfter two years in Barcelona Workaway sent a total of 23 entrepreneurs to a secluded villa, 170km from Marrakesh and Adadir. According to founder Nikolai Astrup Madsen, the new Morocco surroundings are a perfect location for Workaway.“It is remote, far from touristic and hectic areas, and it’s really Moroccan. “says Nikolai Astrup Madsen.

Some of the presenters invited to facilitate at Workaway included Christoffer Baadsgaard, who shared his experience crowd-founding a football club, a former Google employee, Patrick Rasmussen who talked about a large scale online marketing project at Unisport, and Erling Løken from Omega Media who talked about how to go from 0 to a million sales in 3 years.

Dennis Case was also among one of the presenters. He shared his experience about how he made the successful e- commerce website (now

“The cool thing about Workaway is that you live together with 20 entrepreneurs for 7 whole days. You eat together, work together and have fun together. People open up to each other in a completely different way.” says Dennis Case

Despite the beautiful surroundings, enthusiastic participants and the gorgeous house Workaway Morocco did not live up to expectations. Unfortunately the Internet connection in the house was not optimal.

” I had an assistant out there several months before the camp who brought in equipment from Europe. There were a total of total of 4 connections in the house, yet there were major challenges. Internet on Workaways locations is one of the things that we have spent a lot of money on but this time it was just not good enough.” says Nikolai Astrup Madsen.
“The place is nearly perfect. But as it looks now it will probably be a few years until better connections are available.”

Destinations on the agenda for Workaway will focus on Italy and Spain. But Asia is also on the cards.

“Perhaps Thailand is a possibility next winter?”