SXSW – Who are the Nordic Startups?

The Nordicstartupbits team is hosting the Nordic booth at SxSW tech & music conference in Austin Texas. We are here with 13 Nordic startups, who are here to represent the potential of Nordic Startups and their companies – let us introduce them.

We asked all the Nordic Startups to make a 140 character introduction about their startups, and here is the result.

#Livetake perpetuating concert memories by synchronizing the audience’s own recordings with high quality sound from the mixer – Tweet this.

#AUDIOCASE ­is the revitalized version of the 80s #boombox. It’s portable, stylish, rugged, and loud – Tweet this.

#Fusetools is a tool suite for cross-platform app development that both designers and developers love – Tweet this.

#EmfitQS is a hassle free non-contact, HRV enabled stress, recovery and sleep monitor with rich data, web app, and cloud service – Tweet this.

#Recho record sounds that stays at the location where they were recorded. Everyone can listen to your sounds but only when standing in the right place – Tweet this.

#Saxo is a platform for production, distribution and consumption of content. Set the word free – Tweet this.

#uCommerce is a .NET based e-commerce platform, integrated with Sitecore and Umbraco, powering 1000’s of sites globally. We help you SELL MORE – Tweet this.

#livingselfish is a collaborative Storytelling platform that makes it easy to create stories together with the ones that matter – Tweet this.

Wallbreaker Dynamics

#Wallbreaker gives your auidience a voice and get the ability to listen. Polls and live results on TV-Join the TV revolution – Tweet this.

#MobileSensing creates involving #DOOH concepts w/ sensors & #SmartMirror 4 HealthTech.#SXSW Nordics organizer #xNordics – Tweet this.

SHUTE sensing solution

#SHUTE delivers new types of flexible sensor systems for real time measurement of temperature, strain and humidity in industrial processes – Tweet this.


#MAD-Partners helps Nordic and Baltic startups in their business development needs in Silicon Valley. Nothing is crazy enough for us! – Tweet this.

#mFabrik will make your digital screens interactive; play, shop, view and present … Tweet This.

Follow the hashtag #xNordics, where we will publish articles and interviews with the all the startup vikings from the Nordics. If you are visiting SXSW, remember to head to the Nordic Startup Bits booth at 1141-1143bis.


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