SXSW – Audiocase is kickstarting Austin

Danish Audiocase is joining our Nordic Startup booth at the SxSW tech & music festival in Austin Texas. We had a chat with Søren Larsen the CEO and founder of Audiocase about being a startup and the progress of their current Kickstarter campaign.

Audiocase is attending the SxSW tech & music festival, which is the largest music festival in the world, with more than 2,200 performers in more than 100 venues every year. Audiocase will be at attending the music part of the festival as well, where they intend to use the time to its fullest.

“The festival is in the middle of our Kickstarter campaign, and this is an amazing opportunity to promote Audiocase, since crowdfunding campaigns are normally quite dead in the middle of the progress”. – Søren Larsen CEO & founder Audiocase.

Audiocase is a Danish startup, built by music and technology enthusiasts. The startup is behind a new portable wireless speaker, which gives you a great music experience no matter where you are. It is equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology and can connect to almost any device with a viable Bluetooth connection.

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Its build in battery ensures at least 12 hours of non-stop playing, and can go as far as 24 hours on a single charge. The weight is only 6 kg making it easy to carry around, and its pro speaker units ensures you the best possible music experience wherever you are. You can read more about the specifications here!

Kickstarter did kickstart
Audiocase  launched their Kickstarter campaign at CROWD15 which is a big crowdsourcing and crowd funding conference in Denmark.

“We decided to launch at CROWD15 because we are able to obtain more press coverage that way, and we where able to network with some very exiting people. As a bonus by doing it this way, we will not have to throw our own party” Says Søren Larsen

The Kickstarter campaign launched with a pledge of 150.000DKK ($22,700) and has been running for more than two weeks now. The campaign has been a success with a reached pledge, and by this time a 144% funding.


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