WeLoveStatups chooses the first potential grant receivers

WeLoveStartups are just around the corner from announcing the first receivers of our smart startup grants!
It has been a long process of first finding the perfect co-initiators and thereafter making entrepreneurs in Denmark aware of the grants. It has resulted in more than 50 applications for our first round and the quality as well as potential is impressive.

“It has been overwhelming to see how big a potential there is in the Danish startup ecosystem. Almost every applicant has the potential to go far, which only proofs the need for an initiative like WeLoveStartups” Says Jakob Breddam, Manager of WeLoveStartups.

At first, we have had the applications evaluated by expert screeners, who are experienced within the specific industries the applicants represent. In this article, we will present the first three applications who has made it through to the jury of experts that will meet later this month.

The first idea to break through to the jury of experts is the app Skiltr. Their goal is to break the ice at everything from networking events to clubbing, in order to establish meetings with the exact right people.

At conferences or in nightclubs the most important goal is to meet the right people. With Skiltr you mix your existing social profiles and create your personal digital nametag. You become the person you need to be exactly where you are.

Your Skiltr opens a pop-up-media for the people who is at the same place as you. Thereby you can use Skiltr´s ice-breaking features: matchmaking, hook-ups, live feed, skilts and chat.

The entrepreneurs behind Skiltr sees the app as a hyper-local Tinder for business´n´npleasure. It is created because we are all native digital people, and we should acknowledge the physical meetings superiority. Skiltr can be used to effectively create a meeting, whereby the phone can go back in the pocket.

Skiltrs future is promising and they hope that a WeLoveStartups grant can help them achieve their next important milestones.

“With a WeLoveStartups grant we can get Skiltr in use at the right events. It is crucial to see our hypothesis in action and further develop it” Says product-wizard Esben Kjær Ravn.

The second idea is Unipegma. They want to give you an awesome opportunity of gathering all of your study books in one place on your laptop or tablet. But don’t worry – it will not be like old, boring PDF’s.

Besides the basic features like searching, highlighting and attaching notes Unipegma brings features like heat maps indicating the top active areas in the book, collaborative learning for study groups, and also an in-book translation/synonym tool – this just as some of the brilliant features.

The team behind Unipegma has a clear vision for the future, aiming big. They want to be among the startup elite in the world, high fiving people like Elon Musk and Larry Page. In short they aim to be the global connecting link between students and publishers, supporting the students and helping the publishers.

Their impressive ambitions demands the perfect competences and their intention with a WeLoveStartups grant is “to get some super competent resources in to the project in order to secure the future and optimize the architecture as much as possible. That will make it even more awesome to use when we are done” Says their front person Camilla Hessellund Lastein.

The third idea the jury of experts will be evaluating is the translation tool Skrifa. They focus on legal documents and their vision is to be able of translating all types of legal documents on all languages with a tailor-made translation software. They will give lawyers and legal departments the advantage of being able of solving more tasks, when the translation is ready right away, and only lacking proof reading. They are starting with the languages German and English as these are the largest export and company languages in Denmark.

The problem behind Skrifa is straightforward and relevant. The world needs fast execution and constant optimization of the bottom line. They have had this confirmed by all the lawyers they have talked to in Denmark, Austria, Germany and England. Now they need to have their prototype developed, so that it along with further investment can marketed. “If we receive a grant from WeLoveStartups we can build our prototype, and thereby attract investments to go to market. We are keeping our fingers crossed”. Says CEO Anders Günzel-Jensen.

WeLoveStartups and their smart grants are created in a close collaboration with Trendsonline, Microsoft, Dana, Symbion and UnoEuro. Furthermore, countless numbers of volunteering ambassadors have been an important part of making the grants possible.

Tuesday next week, you can read about the second batch of exciting entrepreneurs who have gone through to the jury of experts.



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