WeLoveStartups unveils more potential grant receivers

The decision has not been easy. It has been a close run between the many applicants, and a thorough rating process has been carried out.

WeLoveStartups is now right around the corner from the final batch of applicants who will go to the final stage – the jury of experts meeting taking place this Thursday.

“We have worked hard to find the right expert screeners to perform the important initial evaluation. There is an impressive potential in the applications, and we have felt that we had to choose the best among a crowd of entrepreneurial heroes” says Jakob Breddam, manager of WeLoveStartups.

In this article, you can read more about the second to last batch of innovative startups with products that has a great potential to create benefit for Denmark.

DOT is a game of catch on smartphones that takes place in the physical world.

The world is your playing board and you act as the game piece! Overall DOT differs from other mobile games by melting the digital world in to the physical world.

DOT’s ambition is to make children and youths move more.

In a time where every fifth child is overweight, where the schools have limited access to schoolyards and outdoor facilities, and where all children between the ages of 5-16 years use 8 hours a day in front of a screen, innovative solutions is needed. Especially in relation to integrating playing, movement and learning in to children’s everyday life.

DOT uses mobile technology and a social gameplay to catch and maintain children´s interest. The game is moved out in the open with the schoolyard, the forest, the park, the city environment and nature as background.

“In DOT we fight to integrate physical playing in children´s and youth´s everyday life. With a grant from WeLoveStartups we can start to realize the dream” says front man in GoPlayDot, Jacob Tækker

Raymio is a wearable band and mobile application that help people maintain healthy UV exposure levels – preventing sunburns and ultimately skin cancer.

The vision behind Raymio is to fight skin cancer through increased awareness about UV radiation and enabling social nudging through a global community of sun-guardians.

“WeLoveStartups support and mentoring can help Raymio create the most advanced UV wearable and app on the market. A common challenge in UV wearables is creating sensors that accumulates data even when the wearable is not pointing towards the sun. We are developing a complex algorithm that can overcome the challenge. Creating a product that will prevent skin cancer and help people with skin cancer diagnose around the world”. CEO Raymio Casper Arbøll.

Farming machines are becoming more and more expensive as well as specialized. The economically struggling farmers need to be able of renting machines instead of owning them, or make sure that expensive machines are used at their maximum capacity.

FarmBackup is a digital platform that facilitates local renting of unused machine capacity. The platform is the first of its kind in the world, and it connects farmers or machine stations that wants to perform farming tasks with farmers who need specific machines.

Their vision is to build a global marketplace for renting machines and thereby contribute to higher efficiency and usage of machine capacity – benefitting the economy as well as environment.

“A grant from WeLoveStartups will become our critical startup capital, enabling us to develop fast and validate our concept. Furthermore, a mentor will give us the needed experience, helping us make the right decisions in a face where things are developing fast” says Søren Knudsen, CEO and Co-founder.

At WeLoveStartups we are looking forward to help the new entrepreneurial heroes and we can see by the number of WeLoveStartups ambassadors that Denmark also wants to help. For that we are grateful. This is also the case with the engagement from our co-initiators: Trendsonline, Dana, Microsoft, Symbion and UnoEuro.

Read more on Thursday where the last exciting startups who has made it through to the jury of experts, will be presented.


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