Snaplytics: a Danish Startup to Understand Snapchat Performances

Snapchat is becoming more and more relevant in companies’ branding process. Are you using Snapchat for business purposes and would like to have insight about it?

A Danish startup has proposed a new product on the market for a social media channel that marketers still find difficult to figure out.
How do my company’s snapchat perform? Which kind of content does my audience prefer? And how can I increase my number of followers?

Snaplytics is a Danish project backed by EU funds and FIWIRE, aiming to grasp and develop the best ideas emerging by new wave of digitalization.

Snaplytics makes key metrics available and therefore possible to grasp analytics on performances and impact of your effort. By tracking performances and growth it will be way much more easy to understand what your audience would like most and therefore focus in creating more engagement contents.

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