4Alle Denmark makes it easy to donate to charity

4Alle Denmark is an organization that links consumers, businesses and non-governmental organizations. Their innovative and novel platform has the potential to make impact on current corporate social responsibilities (CSR) strategies and set a new trend in charitable giving for consumers.

4Alle Denmark is a non-for-profit organization founded in 2015 by Toni Prodan and Adrian Holm. The two friends met during their studies at KEA and Copenhagen Business School. During his studies, Toni studied corporate social responsibility. Realizing his passion he then wanted to embark on a project in this direction. Whilst the market is saturated with consultancies providing CSR solutions, Toni Prodan noticed there was no simple CSR solution on the market.

“We noticed that CSR solutions in Denmark are generally limited to large corporation who have the resources to invest in such initiatives. We wanted to create an easy to implement solution so that any business, large or small, can engage in CSR,” he explains

The idea

4Alle has an inbuilt system that links businesses, their consumers and NGOs. Consumers, who are interested in donating to a particular NGO, can do so through the 4Alle platform. In return, business partners of that NGO will offer consumers some kind of incentives in return for their charitable donation.

“For example if a coffee shop is interested in implementing a CSR solution. They could advertise to customer that they will give a free cup of coffee if a customer donates 20 DK to the World Food Program. The customer would then log on to the 4Alle platform, make the donation and we would send them a voucher for the free coffee or any other discount that the company finds suitable with their financial strategy,” Toni Prodan says

Biggest Challenge

According to Toni and Adrian, all a business needs to collaborate with 4Alle is a system of accepting discounts.

“Our biggest challenge in convincing businesses is that partnering with us is not a complicated process”

4Alle will take care of the IT by sending the customers unique vouchers, and managing the payments with the NGO. Essentially the business in question needs to have some kind of process for accepting the 4Alle vouchers. However, such a system is easy to implement and 4Alle can help develop it.

Partnership with Domino’s
4Alle is currently in the process of brokering a partnership with Domino’s. While the terms are still to be decided, Domino’s customers can look forward to getting a discount on their purchase in return for donating via the 4Alle platform.

Future Aspirations
4Alle are hoping to connect as many businesses as possible through their platform. Furthermore, they hope to strengthen the bond between businesses, their consumers, and NGOs. In terms of real numbers, 4Alle is aiming to generate 1 million DKK in donations for charitable organizations by the end of this year.

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