World’s first Mobile Commerce Education starts in Sweden

A few months ago a colleague came to me talking about m-commerce instead of e-commerce, regarding some solutions for my company. Curious idea, I thought, while this guy kept talking about how Mobile Commerce is changing our concept of “Store”.

He was really very good explaining to me some of the best practices currently in use on mobile commerce sites and apps, and provided recommendations for making the mobile user experience as smooth as possible. He talked about increasing exposure to customers, keeping up with competitors, increasing sales (of course) and appealing to an affluent audience.

After the meeting, I found out that I had received not just a recommendation about creating apps or building e-commerce solutions, but also a whole marketing plan for my business.

Mobile Commerce Education in Helsingborg

At that moment my question was: where do people get this education? I stumbled upon a post on the subject from 2011

“Mobile commerce (m-commerce) education and training is somewhat harder to find than other areas of commerce, since this area is new and constantly changing. Companies are still investigating how to monetise their business in this area. This means the field is wide open for anyone with an idea that takes off,” it described.

And shortly after I found out that a very good idea has already taken off from Helsingborg: the world’s first Mobile Commerce Education.

So, for people who are interested in marketing and technology, have studied or worked within advertising, media, print, web, sales or marketing there is a great opportunity to attend this training where they will learn how to get things done and produce real solutions, not only theoretical ones.

The whole package

According to Niels Paarup-Petersen, chairman of the steering committee at the new Mobile Commerce Education, the students will be able not only to create apps, build e-commerce solutions and design mobile commerce solutions for stores, museums, etc. but they will also be able to make sure the right information reaches the right visitor at the right time. Not only coding, but also design, marketing and sales.

During the training students will learn to create effective e-commerce platform and micro-positioning iBeacons.

They are teaching how to produce professional apps for iPhone, iPad, Android but also for Apple Watch and other profitable new technologies. The interesting part is not the programming but the solution the students create.

The students will also have the opportunity to study 10 weeks at a company to make sure they understand how the business actually works. According to Niels Paarup-Petersen, they collaborate with some of the best minds in the industry and they are always interested in hearing from companies who want to have a student as an intern. The companies do not pay any salaries during the internship.

The education is held by Skånes Yrkeshögskola, an advanced vocational college with education at post upper secondary levels approved and financed by the Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education (Myndigheten för Yrkeshögskolan) and is approved by CSN for student loans and grants.

The courses will be held at Mindpark and the education is also in close collaboration with the E-commerce Park and the e-commerce incubator. Skånes Yrkeshögskola is a new sister company to Malmö Yrkeshögskola which is renowned for offering some of the most attractive app-educatios in Sweden.

At Helsingborg there is a long and still thriving tradition of trade, logistics and commerce, so it is an ideal place to create the best possible education and networks for the students.

Anyone interested can register at and fill out the application form no later than June 1st. The education will be in Swedish.

Finally, I do believe it is a great opportunity for a new education and professional background.

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