Swiftcourt: the smart way to solve legal disputes

All are equal before the law. Yet, sometimes it is quite impossible to reach the courtroom and get your rights recognized. Swedish Swiftcourt wishes to change this by making the legal framework accessible, fast and economically affordable.

Nowadays, many legal disputes arise as a result of unsatisfactory transactions over the internet. However, these disputes  are not tried in court as they are seen as time-consuming and money-wasting processes. Therefore, the law has no effect or power.

An online dispute resolution system

A group of young Swedish lawyers has made possible to secure the borders of sharing economy bridging the existing lack of juridical tools over the internet.

Swiftcourt tries to make the legal framework accessible, fast and economically affordable. The idea of Swiftcourt was brought out of the desire to give anyone the ability to facilitate arbitration processes and to solve any legal disputes.

Any online user can benefit of its services: from the single consumer purchasing  goods over consumer to consumer platforms, to businesses and companies. With no need of legal knowledge and regardless of economic conditions, the Swedish startup opens up an online dispute resolution system covering simple disputes without high costs of processing.

Legal disputes solved within 6 weeks

Time spent on the trial is drastically reduced as with Swiftcourt you can resolve any legal dispute within six weeks. How is it possible?

The required condition is of course, that both parties should agree on using Swiftcourt, to resolve any possible dispute. Successively, the party that requested to set a dispute should electronically upload evidence, and stating claims for relief. The counterparty then has an opportunity to respond, presenting facts and evidence within 4 weeks. Then, after the presentation of both cases, the Swiftcourt arbitrator whom has fully binding powers in regular courts, is expected to deliver a written judgment within 2 weeks.

The arbitrator’s verdict is directly enforceable and the losing party will have to follow the rulings of the verdict.

Including Swiftcourt in one’s contracts is a good preventive method to avoid future risks of unsolved litigations. Technology calls for smart communities and smart ways of living, and with Swiftcourt,  a smart way of solving disputes online is now available.

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