Pricelizer targets e-commerce domination

Swedish startup, Pricelizer is all about creating a great online shopping environment for their customers. The what and the how  is what they believe sets them apart from the competition.  

Bought an item online? Then you’ve likely encountered instances when you have failed to follow through with a purchase. This could be down to a variety of reasons. What Pricelizer is aiming for is a solution limits drop outs which is great news for businesses based on the e-commerce model and even better news for customers since it boosts their shopping experience.

A system built on e-satisfaction

Conceived by a team of three and fronted by CEO and founder Karl Lillrud, who has a background within e-commerce entrepreneurship and global growth strategies.

“The e-commerce industry has had many problems and the historical largest problems like distribution and warehousing have been sorted out. But the increasing problem with abandoned shopping carts has stepped up to be the largest issue for e-commerce on a global scale. We step up with the experience, insight and a solution. Not just with focus on the e-commerce store, but with focus on the entire food chain from consumer to e-commerce to producer,” Karl Lillrud proclaims.

An open platform for commerce

The company is now inviting e-commerce site owners with an interesting in trialing their new Pricelizer API to make contact.

“We have been invited to multiple events like Websummit in Dublin, Seedcamp in Edinburgh, Collision in Las Vegas, STING Day, eCommerce 2015, D-Congress and more. And many more will come where we are cooperating with some event producers and some really interesting things are in the making right now,” Karl Lillrud concludes.

With Pricelizer’s belief and drive to change the way eCommerce works globally by bringing benefit to both the consumer and the merchant. Making contact appears to be a sound business sense.

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