Nordic startup friends on NASDAQ in NYC

Last year, the Finnish startup conference SLUSH was at NASDAQ in New York to ring the bell. This year, Nordic startup friends got an idea during a visit to Founders House in Copenhagen.

After two months of countless emails and Skype conversations, a group of passionate people from the Nordic startup community created a grassroots initiative and a common hashtag. Yesterday, #NordicMade Was launched on NASDAQ in New York.


NASDAQ nordic way   A large increase in risk capital, serious companies with global ambitions, and strong grassroots movements are all things that have made the Danish scene one of the fastest accelerating startup regions in the Nordics.

Each of the Nordic startup ecosystems has grown for the last few years and now reached a size where there is both room and a need for us to start working together.

The capitals in the Nordic regions have the more billion-dollar-estimated businesses in relation to population compared to Silicon Valley, and 26 percent of all European exits in the past five years came from Nordic countries. This has made the United States, and the world, turn its attention to the Nordic startup ecosystem.

The workshops and meetings that took place at the Danish company Lemonsqueeze’s office in New York last week were part of an initiative by the Nordic Council’s Innovation Department and eleven of the most influential Scandinavian startup organizations to act on this interest by promoting cooperation between Nordic countries and creating a showcase for Nordic Startups on on the US East Coast.

Ten Nordic startups (two from each country) were selected by the organizers to attend. The Danish startups given the honor were Easy Size with leader Gulnaz Khnusainova and Vaavud, represented by co-founder and CEO, Thomas Helms.


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