Challenge: Planday occupies the USA – Onboarding

Welcome to the first week of Planday’s adventure in the United States.

This week really brought the heat in the Lemonsqueeze office, where Planday is housed.  Onboarding was on the agenda, and Lemonsqueeze had divided it into two phases:  Company Onboarding and Employee Onboarding.

Company Onboarding focuses on getting Planday’s DNA into ‘Plandayers’ – new employees.  The top priority is understanding the product. CRM (customer relationship management) and sales systems must be fully in place, and sales approaches need to be practiced again and again and again and again.

Employee Onboarding ensures that the new ‘Plandayers’ can focus 100% on their duties and not have to think about anything other than achieving key performance indicators. Fundamental tasks include  basics like obtaining all statutory documents, reviewing expectations, benefits, and social activities, and introducing everyone on the team. The main objective is that the organizational foundation is solid for the new ‘Plandayers’, so the team just needs to focus on sales, sales and more sales. And then some more sales.

I want to ace it
Anders Frederiksen from Planday fluctuated this week between examining all elements of the product and Plan Days CRM system. After completing a review of the product, new ‘Plandayers’ asked to “sell the product back” to Anders. Every day seemed like exam day, and everyone was ready when it was their turn to present. The atmosphere and the energy was high! If one of them ran aground a little in their pitch, they were quick to ask

“Can I do it again – I want to ace it!”: D

planday 2

In order to set a clear direction from the beginning, Lemonsqueeze uses their own LEAN boards. These ensure that there is no excuse for not achieving goals on a daily and weekly basis. There will no question of how many targets are to be contacted, how many sales are to be closed, or what excused there are for not achieving objectives. Everything is written down and reviewed to ensure transparency and direction. The approach is direct, and the waves are high from the first meeting. It is obvious that the level of ambition is high and that no one wants to disappoint.

planday 3

Next week is the real sales, and that’s where the fruits of their labor will be harvested.

Follow us next week!


planday 4


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