Nordic Digital Business Summit – The Business of Technology

Next week, on September 24th, in Helsinki you have the unique opportunity to exchange knowledge and generate new possibilities within Data Center, Cloud and Internet of Things/Industrial Internet sectors by joining the international conference and exhibition Nordic Digital Business Summit.


Anastasia Mc Avennie – Nordic Digital Business Summit Event Director, shares her excitement about the summit:

3e6cc09“My inspiration for being part of the event comes from a drive to produce something meaningful that will help put people together, ultimately leading to new business opportunities. Being among so many like-minded people who are enthusiastic and knowledgeable in these areas is a great feeling and I’ll also be looking to pick up on new opportunities for the future. ” she says.

It started in 2014 with the Finnish Data Center cluster DIGITICE, who wanted to bring together people from the data center & cloud industry with people from the digital services industries, because the changing world of digitalization and Internet of Things is so obviously impacting all business sectors and our lives as individuals. It aims to connect people from both ends of the spectrum and provide them with opportunity to learn and expand their horizons by joining the “other side.” That is why the event consists of two parts, where participants can both focus on their field and network and learn from the others. This year, there is a special attention to the startup community in the industry so that another layer of network can be developed – the one between innovators and large companies.

She also gave us a hint about one of the most interesting moments to look out for:

3e6cc09“One of the best treats for delegates has to be the live NFC implant at the end of the day in the IoT seminar.  Amal Graafstra from Dangerous Things has been exploring the possibilities of merging man and machine for a long time and he will be looking for a victim.. Sorry, a volunteer.. To have an NFC implant live on stage”

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