Jakob Balslev: Let’s kickstart Rococo

Salto is Rococo’s newest addition. The team  invented a unique sensor-based motion capture suit, Salto, which has just launched on Kickstarter.

The Danish startup Rococo invented the concept Animotion, based on their own sensor-based motion capture technology. A technology that could potentially disrupt the existing motion capture industry, as it can be produced for less than 1/20 of what similar systems cost in the market today.

Will democratize motion capture
The team at Rococo has a vision to democratize motion capture. Salto’s motion capture technology is now within reach for all creative souls.

Salto opens up a myriad of applications in both films, animation, sports, games, and Virtual Reality. “Salto acts as a plug & play suit. If you can figure out how to take your clothes on, you can also use Salto, as easy as that, “says Jakob Balslev, founder of Salto.

Help Rococo jumpstart
Salto has just launched on Kickstarter. The campaign ends in a month, and seeks to crowdfund $ 100,000. Rococo has created a unique universe that is best experienced visually. Watch their video here, or jump directly to their Salto campaign on kickstarter.

Rococo has participated in both Danish Tech Challenge, Creative Business Cup, and Startup Nation Summits.

Salto Kickstarter video from Rokoko on Vimeo.