The Nordic startup holiday gift guide

Nordic Startup Gifts is a website that was founded by and for Nordic startups from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Here is a look through some of what the Nordics have to offer this holiday season.

The page is divided into four categories: technology, housing, fashion and lifestyle, so it’s definitely possible to find something for everyone.

For the tech-freak

Under the tab “Tech” will find the next generation of products for the technology-crazy.
There is everything from a clip-on camera with Bluetooth, a GPS-keychain, so that your dog, child or car keys never get lost again, to a hiking backpack with built-in solar panels, so you never run out of power.

flicsmartwatchtech gifts

For Mom and Dad

Is your family more into housing and interior design? Under “Home”, you can find among other things an HDMI connector for USB ports from Airtame, which makes cable-free streaming possible from a computer to a TV or projector.

If the gift for someone who lives in an apartment, you may want to look at Plantui, a high-tech pot that lets you grow your own vegetables on the windowsill without any soil.

Additionally, you can find Volt, whose pocket charger for smartphones has been the buzz at music festivals this year.

volt plantui airtame

For the fashion and health conscious

Under the”Fashion” category, you will find everything from unique accessories for both sexes to handmade raincoats from Swedish startup Stutterheim.

The “Lifestyle” category presents a number of proposals for the quality-conscious lifestyle nerd. Here, there are products that focus on health, including organic, smoothie-ready superfruits , and a face mask that filters harmful particles from the air you breathe.

You can also find great tools for everyday life, such as the specially designed travel bag  for the sport-loving adventurer or the pure sounds from Aiaiais minimalist headphones.

raincoat superfruits facemask

You can keep up to date on offers and new products on Nordic Startup Gifts’ website, facebook and instagram.


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