The next round is now officially on Drinkz

Drinkz is a new app that caters to drinkers who appreciate quality and convenience.  Want to meet over delicious cocktails, but not waste time queuing at the bar?  Then download the Drinkz app.

Drinkz  functions as a sort of directory that guides the user to the places in town that maintain high standards. According to the team behind the Danish startup, the company is very strict and only takes the best of the bars considered. Therefore, while the selection is small, the quality is high.

The app also has a  feature that makes it possible to send a drink or even a game to others – be it a colleague to be celebrated or someone you have been checking out across the bar.

The startup hopes the app will help save both time and money for bars and their employees.  According to Drinkz’ own calculations, a bartender can save up to a third of operating time if the customer is using the app. In addition, via the app, bars can send coupons to selected guests and offer them loyalty bonuses.  This allows bars to help shape their customer segment to fit with their desired audience.

Presently, Drinkz is available in Copenhagen and Berlin, but the app has future plans to create great nights out in all major cities around the world – Milan, London, Los Angeles, Sydney, and Moscow, to name a few.


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