Despite taxi drivers protest, Nordic Startup Conference goes off without a hitch

On March 18, Copenhagen hosted this year’s Nordic Startup Conference, lead by Tech Nordic Advocates.  The event aimed to stimulate the growth of startups and scaling by bringing investors, business leaders, and startups together in one place, to create a collaborative environment.

“We are very pleased to be joint co-hosts for the Nordic Startup Conference, which is an important step in our efforts to offer a network of support, advice and knowledge to startups, and simultaneously promote cooperation in the new digital ecosystem in the Nordics, which supports digital innovation and growth throughout the world,” says Jeanette Carlsson, founder and board chairwoman of Tech Nordic Advocates.

One of the biggest draws at the conference was the “Battle of the Vikings” where selected growth startups had the opportunity to pitch their business to potential investors. Additionally, there were panel discussions on the future of fintech in Scandinavia, the effect disruptive startups have on established companies, how investors select their favorite startups, experience of cooperation between startups and established companies, and how to create hyper growth.

The list of prominent speakers was long, including  Tine Thygesen from Ever Places, Mathias Thomsen from Uber Denmark, and Tim He, Northzone Ventures’ investor.

Taxi drivers protest Uber

Danish taxi drivers protested the event, as the general manager of Uber was one of the panel speakers.  As the conference venue was a mere 30 -second walk from the airport, the boycott was limited to honking horns outside the event.

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