Silicon Valley-style growth marketing comes to Stockholm

An intensive 10-week program is going to take place starting in May at Sweden’s prized startup hub SUP46. A startup fund called 500 Nordics is helping to propel and cement Stockholm’s reputation as a leading place for startup growth by teaming up with Sweden’s most active early-stage investor, Almi Invest.

“We love to support 500Startups coming to Sweden and see great value in their work with startups. To make Swedish startups even more globally prepared, we need a international accelerator that brings the Silicon Valley mentality, practices and leading growth marketers experts to Sweden. We also see opportunities to co-invest with their Venture Fund”, says Maria Kessling, Head of Communications at Almi Invest.

500 Nordics is a Nordic-focused micro fund that is focused on helping regional companies grow outside the Nordic region through marketing and distribution. They are able to do this with accelerator programs and by leveraging their 200+ strong global mentor network.  In addition, 500 Nordics operates a $15M USD venture fund on early stage startups in the region.

Almi Invest has invested in more than 600 startups. The portfolio consists of 400 growth companies. They invest in around 70 companies per year and operate in 15 locations around Sweden with a managed capital of 3 billion SEK.

Startup hub SUP46 was founded in 2013 to gather the startup community. Through the world class ecosystem of investors, advisers and mentors members are offered a competitive advantage. Located in the heart of Stockholm, it is home to more than 50 startups and a natural meeting place for the startup community. Only the most exciting and innovative companies, mainly within Internet, mobile, media, gaming and IoT, are accepted as members.

Almi Invest is coming on board as a strategic partner for the accelerator, which will give their companies the unique ability to be “fast-tracked” in the application process. “We are excited to work with Almi Invest and SUP46 on this” say 500 Nordics General Partner Sean Percival. Sean Percival further stated, “They are both hyper active players in the ecosystem, working with many companies while defining the early stage startup landscape of Sweden.”

What is Distro Dojo?

What is Distro Dojo, you may ask? Originating back in samurai days, a dojo was a training school where serious students went to study the martial arts under a master sensei. There is certainly something to be learned from the laser-like focus and precision of the Samurai.

The 10-week Dojo Program will consist of four weeks in-residence at SUP46. This will allow founders to have access to resources for growth marketing initiatives for their companies. This will then be followed by six weeks virtual support from dedicated growth marketers.

This program is a unique opportunity for startups to gain access to both high quality mentors and dedicated, hands-on support. These are crucial things when a company is focused on growth marketing initiatives.

“We look forward to welcoming the 500 Startups brand to Stockholm and are very excited that they have chosen SUP46 as their venue for the Distro Dojo program. The focus on post-seed startups wanting to quickly scale their businesses fits well with our community and we hope to see some interesting exchanges and synergies in between the entrepreneurs during the time they are here”, says Jessica Stark, CEO and Co-Founder of SUP46.

The Distro Dojo will provide training to not only optimize existing growth channels but to create new ones as well.


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