In photos: Robot battle at Roskilde Festival

Design and creativity took free rein at the Maker area at this year’s Roskilde festival, where on Tuesday night makers competed to created the silliest robots.

An arsenal of glue guns and soldering irons were snatched up by festival guests Tuesday, who were invited to join in building silly and fun robots.  The building culminated in a tournament on Tuesday evening, where robots battled to push each other off of a platform.

“We try to promote the Maker environment and provide a revitalization to the craft profession by giving people a sense of how much they can build themselves,” explained Louise von Müllen, the director of the MAKER association, who was has been responsible for the festival maker space since 2013.

Build your own solar charger

The maker space was open all day on Tuesday, where guests could among other things build their own festival speakers, solar chargers, or printed t-shirts.

“We are seeing people who get stuck here for an insanely long time, and we also have many who come back year after year,” says Louise von Müllen.

She sees the maker presence at the festival as part of creating a greater maker ecosystem in Denmark.

“At the festival we have a broad appeal, so anyone can check out the maker environment. If they are bitten by the maker bug, we support entrepreneurship in the maker profession with the workshop Under the bridge in Copenhagen all year round, “says Louise von Müllen.

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Maker also has an entrepreneurship zone at their Copenhagen Maker festival on 22-25 of September, where startups come and show their product and festival participants can test them.