Swedish Innovation Compass acquires seed-funding platform SeedFundIt

Swedish Innovation Compass is the app helping entrepreneurs, researchers, and innovators to navigate the innovation support system in Sweden. The user is guided to everything relevant from venture capital, business incubators, government grants and more.

After going through Lund University’s accelerator program, the app is sitting at over 5 000 downloads and now has a web version too. Recently, they acquired the seed-funding expressway for incubator companies, SeedFundIt. On the platform SeedFundIt, companies that have been screened can raise capital from qualified investors that have an outspoken interest in investing in incubator companies.

SeedFundIt has had a huge response with 400 startups applying for membership, and around 30 that have been deemed ready and high quality for the investor network. The company is now focusing on integrating the two platforms and spreading throughout the Nordic region.

Learn more about Swedish Innovation Compass at iTunes and Google Play.

Apply to get your startup on SeedFundIt here.


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