“Our drivers won’t unionize,” says CEO of MyTaxi, Uber’s European competitor

A new wellspring of employee organization is emerging in the so-called ‘sharing economy’, but the CEO of Daimler-backed ridesharing business MyTaxi, Uber’s main competitor in Europe, has dismissed the trend.


As Uber drivers in London and New York organise for the right to collective bargaining, the boss of Europe’s top ride-sharing competitor – MyTaxi, set to merge with Hailo in the coming months – appears to have ruled it out.

A fully-owned subsidiary of Mercedes-maker Daimler AG, MyTaxi’s offices are located next to the River Elbe on the outskirts of Hamburg, Germany. The company has expanded so rapidly that it is quickly buying out other floors of the building, and may need to occupy it entirely. It’s a brand that might not be well known in the UK now, but in markets where Uber was pushed out for failing to adhere to local regulations, MyTaxi seems uniquely placed to take over.

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