Best Nordic Dating Apps for 2016

Apps like Tinder and OkCupid are filled with people looking for love. But are there any apps that cater to Nordic users? Fortunately there are. The Nordic region is home to apps that are a bit different from the dating apps that most people are used to. Here are some of the best dating apps making the rounds in Northern Europe.

By Aston Calvin


Blume aims to solve 2 problems in online dating – people taking ages to respond, and catfishing. Described as a mixture of Snapchat and Tinder, it basically makes it easier for you to find a match and settle the first date faster. Like Tinder, you see a limited profile of another user and once matched, both of you can send newly taken selfies to one another.

To start a conversation on Blume, just send a new selfie. Sending photos of yourself makes the
experience a lot more personal and a lot less awkward than a simple “How are you?”

Plus it gets results fast.  Better be quick about it though. The app only allows you to view selfies for
seven seconds before you take your pick.


Speaking of awkward exchanges, another Nordic dating app has a name that starts off with one, HiMyNameIs. This particular app has been described as the “tinder of video” and was created by the same people who created Mazily, another popular Nordic dating app.

HiMyNameIs deserves a spot as one of the best Nordic dating apps for this year for a good reason – unlike most dating applications, this one depends on video greetings. Instead of sending selfies to your match, you can send a video greeting to them.

There are a lot of ways this would work for most people. For one, a video about yourself is likely to be viewed and followed through with. Secondly, it is a great way for two people to break the ice before they actually meet up. Better make your pitch good. You have five seconds to make a good first impression.


Even swiping right can seem tedious if you have to keep doing it in search of a nice face. Flirtic solves this dilemma with an algorithm that, as stated on their website, finds “your perfect match nearby.” This is after you complete a one minute compatibility test with the app.

The Estonian dating application claims to help those looking for love find it faster than they can do themselves. The app also offers users a range of other free services that make finding dates a whole lot easier.


What’s better than an app that can find you your perfect match? Its an app that can find you your match right where you are sitting. Its called Winks and it connects you with people who might actually be around you at the moment. They can be sitting next to you sipping coffee at your favorite donut place or even in the park where you are walking your dog.

The app connects you to “people you can actually see” as mentioned in its website.

It really is a refreshing alternative to engaging in endless online chats that let two people get to know each other before they take the next step. With Winks, it is just a matter of connecting and meeting up with your match. The app gives you a 20 minute window to do so, which is smart since no one likes to hang out in one place too long. In addition to connecting you to potential dates around you, the app also links you to their Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

The online dating scene has evolved beyond the swipe-left/swipe- right strategy. Some mobile or
web apps in Nordic regions are redefining the trend by introducing a range of unique features for users. And there are still more to come.


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