Norwegian startups get a boost with city alliance between Oslo and Hackney, London

Norwegian startups will head to their newfound niche on December 5th. The reason is that Oslo Business Region along with MashUP are taking Norwegian entrepreneurial tech projects to Hackney, London. This is a part of a series of mini-events to promote and strengthen the commercial ties between the two countries. The series of mini-events will focus on emerging tech, fashion and music. By Cristian Morales

Creative city alliance
Hackney, along with Austin Texas, are among the cities found on the zenith of the industry. Therefore, they are positioned as crucial stepping-stones for Norwegian developers. The Oslo Innovation Embassy* is well aware of the matter, so they have joint efforts with Oslo Business Region to promote the mini-events as well as developing a creative city alliance together with Hackney and Austin.

According the developers of the idea, the gain is unlimited:

“We have the opportunity to build leading international networks, while we get a lot of knowledge on how cities organize their ecosystem for startups”.

Fredrik Winther, Oslo Business Region, emphasized on the importance to have a starting point in order to help Oslo-based companies to grow.

Elevator Pitch by MashUP
In cooperation with Music Norway and the Embassy –both based in London– the Oslo Meets Hackney event was established on 2013. Based on the belief that Norwegian music-startups should reach an international scene quickly, the tech celebration will make sure that all meeting places will have the right contacts for startups to establish themselves within the industry.

Starting from 12:00, the mini-events will be held; all in one of London’s famous space, The Trampery. An elevator pitch will be held on that day as well. The organizers announced a “call for ideas” –and it is still possible to enroll–.

*The Oslo Innovation Embassy provides a place for Norwegian companies to build high-end international networks.

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