#4 Nordic Co-working Spaces: Rainmaking Loft Copenhagen

Rainmaking Loft is a new Danish co-working space for tech entrepreneurs, which is opening this week at Holmen in Copenhagen. It is the biggest of its kind in Scandinavia with room for 320 residents.

Rainmaking Loft Copenhagen is the biggest IT startup co-working space in Scandinavia. It is located in a historic warehouse, which is modernized to fit the need of the 320 residents. The co-working space is offering its members all the facilities an entrepreneur can hope for. They are committed to support the startup scene and create an inspirational work environment, at an affordable price.

RainmakingLoft_KristianJustesen-150x150“The entrepreneurs are going to draw upon each other’s talents. We are building a community, where it is alright to ask each other for help, instead of sitting alone with your problems,” explains Kristian Justesen, Managing Director of Rainmaking Loft.

Rainmaking Loft also operate co-working spaces in London and Berlin, with the mission of building bridges between entrepreneurs, powerful investors and the world’s leading organisations.

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Focus on giving entrepreneurs access to investors

Among the new residents are the people behind AppMonk. They develop apps with focus on personal development, including the platform Brian+, which offer games that help train your memory and concentration.  It has been download more than 1 million times in Apples app store within a short amount of time. Mathias Buch Iversen, CEO of AppMonks, decided together with his three colleagues, to move into Rainmaking Loft to look for new potential partners.

Fotograf_Jakob_Kjoller_Mathias_Buch_Iversen-4“The environment at Rainmaking Loft bring us closer to many people, which we want to be near to. There are people who can invest in our startup, but also skilled programmers and other IT companies, which we can collaborate with,” tells Mathias Buch Iversen.

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One of the new potential partners for Brain+ and AppMonk could be another resident at the co-working space. Kim Tosti is not an entrepreneurs, but is instead one of the investors, who decided to move into Rainmaking Loft. Kim Tosti likes to work at a co-working space, and it enables him to be close to some of the best tech startups in Denmark.

Kim tosti“There has been a tendency in Denmark that the entrepreneur environment only target entrepreneurs, without thinking about us investors. I have been looking for a place, where the ecosystem is more complete. There has to be room for the young guy coming off the street with a new idea, as well as the established entrepreneur and investors like myself. Rainmaking Loft lives up to my expectations,” says Kim Tosti, who has previously invested in the Danish startup PhotoPitch.

The benefit of being a member

All members, have the opportunity to use the other Rainmaking Lofts, located in London and Berlin free of charge. The co-working space offer fast internet, plenty of meeting rooms, a café, skype pods, huge event space, relaxed lounge zones and a cafeteria offering delicious food. Members also have access to business angels, counseling from mentors and lawyers as well as entry to an array of unique events.

Rainmaking loft is offering five different kind of affordable memberships. The prices are as following:

  • Post address, 450 DKK ($67 ~) per month for post address and access to meeting rooms and occasional flex desk area.
  • Flex desk off peak, 950 DKK ($140~) per month for access to flex desk area during off peak hours(peak is 9-5 pm Monday-Friday)
  • Flex desk peak, 1450 DKK ($215~) per month for access to flex desk during peak hours.
  • Fixed seat, 1950 DKK ($290~) per month for access to your own seat.
  • Team room, 15,000 DKK ($2250~) per month for access to your own team room, fitting up to 10 people.

Synergy between Copenhagen, London and Berlin

The company Rainmaking, which has specialized in the development of startups since 2006, operates rainmaking Loft. Rainmaking Loft started in Denmark, but the concept behind Rainmaking Loft came from London and Berlin.

Martin Bjergegaard“Today we have about 200 people seated at each of our three sites, and we are creating synergy between the three Lofts. We do this by giving our members free access to all the sites, and by bringing in VC’s from London to Copenhagen to meet our members,” state Martin Bjergegaard, Partner at Rainmaking.

Some of the companies moving into the co-working space at 1 March, counts among others: BetterNow, The Fashion and AppMonk. Furthermore, Business Angels Copenhagen, an investor network, moves into the co-working space with their accelerator program, Startupbootcamp.




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