WeLoveStartups announces the last three startups for potential grants

The decision is made through expert screeners, who has experience in the industries and problems that the entrepreneurs find themselves in. The screening has resulted in industry specific evaluations that the jury of experts has used as the starting point of their assessment.

Furthermore, the jury of experts will focus on which startup shows the best ability of putting the WeLoveStartups grant to great use.In this article, you can read about the last startups through to the jury of experts in this round. We expect the next round of grants in September.

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fanmates is an innovative fantasy football manager concept. The vision is to create the framework for a global community of football enthusiasts who are bored with thee simple fantasy alternatives. Meanwhile it is a market that for example in USA has shown an enormous potential.

The football manager game diversifies by integrating the best elements from the classic game Football Manager, while simultaneously strengthening the social interaction between the users.

The core of the game fanmates is simple. A group of friends starts their own league where after the players are recruited. Thereby all participants get a unique team. The model of the game strengthens the social interaction because the users can trade and communicate with each other.

Fans of the game Football Manager is characterized by one thing – they love game statistics. fanmates’ scoring algorithm incorporates more parameters that gives the user a bigger insight into the players performances. Moreover, an interesting new feature will be that they allow the recruited players to play different positions.

“A grant from WeLoveStartups can help finance the completion of the beta product. Furthermore, we value the help from a mentor a lot – especially in relation to business development and scaling”, says Jacob Juhl, co-founder of fanmates.

BAKOBA has reinvented the good old building blocks and made a construction toy that enhances children’s imagination, creativity and motor skills.

With BAKOBA children have endless possibilities of creating and building their own world, and they also have the option of using other well-known construction toys together with BAKOBA. When children see BAKOBA they immediately start playing with it, making everything from an airplane to a knight’s castle.

“BAKOBAs vision is to strengthen children’s imagination and creativity. The grant from Welovestartups will help us reach our most vital milestone towards our vision; to set up the production on the factory in Taiwan. The mentor will be a valuable sparring partner providing knowledge on issues we are still green on”, says Niels Mortensen, partner in BAKOBA.

Facts about BAKOBA: The toy modules are made from foam and come in various shapes and sizes. The toy does not make any noise and is tested free from phthalates and harmful dyes.

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Zapla is an online booking system that is very useful for startups and small companies when they need to manage their booking systems. There are already many booking systems on the market, but Zapla differs from the existing providers by only needing to have one line of code integrated on the customers’ sites. Zapla also automatically integrates with the customers’ sites’ design.

In order to accept and manage the bookings Zaplas webapp is used, and all you need is a computer or tablet alongside your cash register.

The goal and vision behind it is to make the world’s best booking system and make it available for all. The startup launched in January and already has users from all over the world.

“With a grant from WeLoveStartups the development can really get moving, enabling us to integrate the most sought after functions, and with help from the mentors I hope to get more knowledge and focus on marketing. Then everybody can get a great booking system”, says Chiel Robben founder of the company.

“Based on the decision made by the jury of experts yesterday, WeLoveStartups will begin a large evaluation and security process. Making sure that the complete process has been controlled. Therefore it can be a week or two before the receivers will be announced”, says Jakob Breddam, CEO in WeLoveStartups.


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