Ngenic outperforms Nest in Scandinavia with specialised thermostat system

Great news for the population of the Nordic countries! Ngenic, a Swedish startup from Uppsala, has found a way to solve energy management by creating a special thermostat system which can be managed through a mobile, computer or tablet and can help you save up to 15% of energy you are currently wasting.

According to Norden, between 1995 and 2010, energy consumption in all the Nordic countries has increased of an overall 13 per cent. And there is no doubt that, in the last 5 years our usage of energy has grown. Global warming and environmental issues had a significant role in shifting energy consumption. Furthermore we are mostly uncertain on how to manage our energy supplies. As their settings is mostly manual, one can’t have full control over its own home system, if not on location. And this automatically means that, part of the energy we use go directly into waste.

Specialised for the Nordic market
Ngenic got noticed in the last pitch competition Uppstartup, reaching the second position with their environmental friendly app. Some might recall Nest, for having a similar system, but right now, Ngenic have a regional advantage compared to Nest, as Nest isn’t compatible with the heating systems on the Nordic market. More than 50 million houses in the Nordic could benefit from Ngenics thermostat.

The algorithms used by Ngenic’s server takes into account a range of factors which are not considered in others systems and are specifically designed for the Nordic households. For example, the Ngenics thermostat has the first indoor sensor which takes into consideration sunlight heating, while no current heating pump does it. And this further enhances the possibility to reduce energy usage.

A simple and user friendly system
What the app practically do is to connect the heating pump to a powerful server, to make the heating system more sensitive thanks to the indoor sensor. The result is an efficient calculation on how to heat your home without compromising your heating comfort. This will help saving energy, reduce heating costs and have a more uniform indoor temperature.

The team has developed their idea in the most detailed way, even considering the worst case scenarios. You can control the heat in your house with your mobile devices, regardless where you are in the world as long as you have an Internet connection. Ngenic’s gateway can store directions for twelve hours forward, so even if your Internet goes down, it can control the temperature according to history data. And, a solution comes even in the case the Internet would be down for a longer period: Ngenic would automatically hand over the control to your personal heating pump.

By maximizing comfort and reducing energy use, Ngenic could really make the change in energy consumption in the Nordic.

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