Podio announces the Podio chat app

This April it is exactly three years since the acquisition of Danish startup, Podio, was celebrated. Since then we have been hoping to see new angels in the Nordic startup scene – but we also see the Podio team continuously improve Podio. The latest news is of a launch of a new app, the Podio Chat app.

When you’re working on the go, speed is everything. Those few seconds you’ve got when standing in line for a coffee can save someone hours waiting for your input or a decision.

This is how Podio is announcing the decision of creating and launching a new app for the Chat function in Podio, the 6 year old Danish startup that was acquired by American Citrix three years ago. Podio has built a platform for digital project management for businesses and others who want to collaborate, organize and communicate online.

Top 100 of most scalable startups

Over the past three years Singularity Hub has been analyzing the successful startups founded in 2005 and onwards, as well as other major companies. All the companies that Singularity Hub has been going through have been in careful and thorough assessment and received an overall score and hereafter placed on a top 100 list. The list is a review of the 100 most scalable startups – and Podio is on the list.

Scalability means that the idea, the concept and the product must be able to move to a higher level at the same time that it is able to increase diffusion. Scalable companies must be able to mass produce their products, be made accessible to the masses and accommodate many users.

And you don’t have to go too far down the list to find a name reminding you of home. Ahead of giants Twitter, Skype, Facebook, Instagram and Snap Chat as #20 is Danish Podio.

“It’s obviously very cool to get on a list of such fine company. We believe that many of the companies on the list, both before and behind Podio, that are moving the way we do things today. It is very satisfying that people out there can see that what we are fiddling with, makes sense,” says Podio co-founder Kasper Hulthin to the Danish media Trendsonline.dk.

How the Podio Chat works

Access all your existing conversations, and start new conversations with anyone you’re connected to on Podio. The new app also enables you to search conversations and their content.

  • Once the app is installed, tapping the chat icon in the full Podio app will take you to the Chat app directly.
  • And it works in reverse: if you’re chatting and receive a Podio notification you can switch back to the full app.

SebastianRehnby_Podio“We’ve been testing this approach thoroughly and we’ve enjoyed the chat experience so much more with it’s own app, it’s easily a worthy trade-off,” writes Engineering Manager & Senior iOS Developer Sebastian Rehnby on the Podio blog.

You can try the app in the App Store or on Google Play now.


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