Danish Startup wants to make the travel market more transparent

3-offer portals are emerging on the business scene. Some of the most noticeable are Autobutler.dk and Colego.dk. Two students from Aarhus have added a travel edition to the mix: HereYouGo.dk.

In a busy weekday time is everything, and any extra hours you can are priceless. In the last couple of years, 3-offer portals have emerged all over the business scene as a way to help customers find what they need in a short time. An well-known portal is Colego.dk, which helps people to find an exact specialist for a job.

Two students from Erhvervsakademi Aarhus, Søren Lauridsen Færch and Matias Simonsen, have launched a Travel Booking service, which aims to make the travel market more transparent to customers. The travel market consists of many different providers, who offer the same trips for different quality levels and price values. Hereyougo.dk wants to make it easier for the customer and help them to save time.

“This way we can ensure the traveler a better overview over price and quality before they go away on vacation. Overview is exactly what you need, with all the different travel agencies on the market these days. We are sure of that we are not the only ones who have used a lot of time online to find the perfect vacation. Now it is possible to save time and avoid trouble by entering www.hereyougo.dk and receive three offers from qualified travel agencies” says Matias Simonsen, Head of Development, HereYouGo.


You don’t have to do everything yourself

HereYouGo believes that when traveling, you don’t have to do everything yourself, because there are people who have greater knowledge thank you in this area, whose competences can be exploited to make planning trips easier. HereYouGo wants to provide their users with three non-binding offers from traveling agencies. The customer is only required to provide some basic information about themselves and their travel wishes. Based on this information, 3 different travel agencies will contact them to make sure that their wishes are being understood. By doing so, the travel agencies can provide you with the precise price on the vacation.

The idea emerged from pure frustration

The idea behind the startup emerged during Søren and Matias’ education at Erhvervsakademi Aarhus, where they met and are both currently taking a Bachelor’s Degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

“The idea emerged from a tendency which we both have experienced, namely that there is way to many options when booking a vacation. The tendency is therefore unfortunately that most people commit themselves without knowing the entire menu. HereYouGo addresses those who appreciate the good service and the many years of experience the travel agencies have. That experience is worth millions in our opinion. They do this everyday, so of course you gain a little extra service and a little more knowhow by ordering a package tour in stead of acting as a travel agent yourself” says Søren Lauridsen Færch, Head of Sales, HereYouGo.

A little different kind of business model

HereYouGo has two types of customers. First are the travel agencies, who are their actual customers since they pay to become a part of HereYouGo’s service. HereYouGo provides the travel agencies with the opportunity to increase turnover in a simple way. Through HereYouGo.dk, the travel agencies can have their top destinations and core competences highlighted.

The second customers are the travelers. HereYouGo want to activate travelers to become a part of their service, by having them write an article about their vacation afterwards. HereYouGo then gets the opportunity to provide their potential customers with additional inspiration for their upcoming vacation.

HereYouGo provides a seven-days guarantee, which entails that from the time the customer has made their inquiry, the travel agencies have five days to respond. If one of the original travel agencies doesn’t respond, HereYouGo has a two days buffer to find an another one.

More than just three offers on vacations – Travel ABC

HereYouGo is not just about three non-committals travel offers. They want their consumers to help each other to go on vacation. Thus they have created Travel ABC, which functions as a gathering point for information and inspiration. The customers will find relevant information regarding everything from transport to vaccinations before travelling.


Even though HereYouGo.dk is Søren and Matias’ first startup, it doesn’t limit their ambitions towards the future. The guys want to include user experience regarding different products and a raiding system where people can rate the service, experience, price and so forth on the webpage.

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