Graduateland expands and gets new CEO

Co-founder and former COO Patrick Lund has replaced Jens Reimer Olsen as the CEO of Graduateland, Europe’s largest career network for students and graduates. “The timing is just right,” says Jens Reimer Olesen.

With the launch of their new business,, a system that helps recruiters use analytics to gain a deeper understanding of job applicants, the two co-founders of Graduate Land, CEO Jens Reimer Olesen and COO Patrick Lund, have decided to let Patrick Lund take over as head of the company.

Jens Reimer Olesen will instead focus his energy on However, he will continue on as an active board member of Graduateland.

Graduateland has never been stronger
Regarding the switch, the former CEO says that is off to a great start, which is why the platform requires his complete focus right now. Therefore, they jointly decided to entrust the role of CEO of Graduateland to co-founder Patrick Lund.  According to Jens Reimer Olesen, the timing could not be better.

“Graduateland has never been stronger; we have a great team in Copenhagen and Stockholm. We are seeing large influx of people and businesses, and we are financial healthy, “says Jens Reimer Olesen.

Patrick Lund welcomes the change, which he sees as a natural evolution from his previous role as COO.

“I have worked on the overall product liability over the past year, and have therefore had my hands in both all the small features and larger new products. It has been an ideal springboard for the role of CEO of the Graduateland, where we are going to focus very much on the further development and refinement of our core products, “says the new CEO.

He admits that the he is not equally familiar with all of his new tasks, but he is confident. 

“I will get used to, to be a little less hands-on in some areas, and instead to rally people around an overall vision. But it is something I am looking very much forward, “he says.

“We have an exciting time ahead”
According to Patrick Lund, Graduateland is entering an exciting time.  With 350,000 users, they are ready to make their mark as the best in their field.

“We have very sound position in our core markets, and we now have to consolidate our role as a ‘category king’. In addition, we have recently focused on the distribution of our portals, so that we can really get off the ground. 350,000 users are enough to fill nearly 10 football stadiums, but there are many more students and graduates out there, and they must be addressed, “says Patrick Lund, adding:

“By working very hard to make the best product, I am sure that we will succeed.”

In 2013, Graduate Land received a million dollar investment from Accelerace.