Planday’s 30 day challenge: Sell, sell, sell!

Welcome to the second chapter in the story of Danish company Planday and their attempt to gain a foothold in the United States – a true adventure,  controlled with a heavy hand by Danish-owned Lemonsqueeze, whose specialty is helping European companies to gain traction and scale their business in the US market.

Last week, the company underwent an onboarding process in order for the team to get started on what really matters for a company expansion: SALES!

The senior sales manager arrives
To ensure that there were no obstacles or product issues that were unanswered, Thomas Nielsen, Senior Sales Executive at Planday’s headquarteres in Copenhagen, flew to New York to help the team a get good start.

Lemonsqueeze aims to get at least four customers in the house – thus validating the assumption that there is a market for the company’s product and that the sales strategy is set correctly.  This objective was clearly in mind as all the sellers stood ready Monday morning at the Brooklyn office.

planday office

Cold-calling on the menu
It is hard work to build a new customer portfolio up – it requires both the direction and heart. With a Salesforce system just waiting to be filled up with new leads and opportunities, this weeks focus is cold-calling.

There are many no’s on the way to the first yes, but fortunately sales are like fishing: the more times you throw out a line, the greater your chance to catch something!

planday 2

I’ve closed it!
A loud “I’ve closed it!” sounds through the building.

A few seconds later, there are high-fives all around for everyone in the office. Now, the company can move on to the next stage, which is the onboarding of the new customer. As important as it is to close the first sale, it is equally important that customers are satisfied from the very beginning.

Just a few hours later comes a new roar – a “HELL YEAH!” resounds through the office and everyone turns around to see what happened.

The team cheering is celebrating reaching half of their targets – and there are still 15 days left in the month. In other words, the first ‘milestone’ is suddenly within reach.

Follow on next week, where we investigate what worked for the sellers – and what could have been done differently – in the battle for the American market.

planday 3


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