Universal Avenue announces new investment round for sales force platform

Universal Avenue, a network of freelance Brand Ambassadors, has announced a new 5 million dollar funding round led by Northzone or Salesforce Ventures.

Universal Avenue, a mixture of personal network marketing and sales, gives brands access to a global on-demand sales force. The new Swedish platform allows users, or Brand Ambassadors, to act as local sales representatives on a freelance basis- and gives Brands access to this on-demand sales force. Among current users are Spotify Business and iZettle.

With a freelance sales force, Universal Avenue sees itself as a facilitator of sorts, connecting brands, and those looking for a part time/flexible job where wages are based on commission. Inspired by Richard Branson, Johan Lilja, CEO and founder of Universal Avenue says his inspiration for the platform came from “…seeing hands on how effective a network of freelancing sales people can be to distribute a solution…” This has continued to inspire the platform, and shape the concept that is Universal Avenue.

Growing a face-to-face sales platform

With over 200 brands on the waiting list, Universal Avenue sees only potential for their growing face to face sales platform.  Lead by Northzone and Salesforce Ventures’, Universal Avenue has announced a new 5 million USD funding round, along with the opening of their new sales office in London.

While Northzone and Salesforce Ventures’ influence will be distant, their involvement is exciting all the same as Lilja notes that  “Northzone has a good track record for helping companies grow.” Moreover, known for investing in successful entrepreneurial ventures, Salesforce Venture has chosen Universal Avenue as its’ first Nordic investment.

This new funding round has set Universal Avenue’s sights on growth, starting first with key cities in Europe, before moving to the American market. Lilja notes that the platform has immense growth potential because the concept in itself is quite unique.

On-Demand Sales Force

Universal Avenue characterizes itself as a sales platform that allows companies access to an on-demand, localized sales force. This sales force, made up of Brand Ambassadors, share a commission with Universal Avenue on each sale, and represent as many brands as they wish, allowing them to determine how much they work and earn.  Working as a Brand Ambassador is “…popular with everyone from students to parents going back to work after having kids” as it is meant as a part-time job, taking up only a few hours of your day. With a few thousand currently in the application process, one can truly see the attractiveness of being a Brand Ambassador.


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