Shipment has never been easier – Webshipr is here

Sending a package can be a difficult task, especially for webshops. Two entrepreneurs from Aarhus have developed a new, easy, and time saving way to do shipments.

Webshops must deal with the daily process of labelling and tracking their orders – and slip-ups can mean unhappy customers and missed sales. Now, two entrepreneurs from Aarhus, Thomas Andersen and Mathias Salomonsson, have developed an online shipping platform, Webshipr, which make the entire shipping process easier.

“I have dealt with several webshops and have always thought that one of the more difficult things was shipment. You need to be in control of labels, slips and tracking and that takes a lot of time. Our platform kills manual shipment and helps our customers to save time, which they can use on developing their own company,” says Thomas Andersen, Co-founder, Webshipr.

Webshipr – a unique way of shipments

“Easy” and “time saving” are the two keys at Webshipr. By helping their customer’s webshops or accounting platform to connect with multiple shippers and warehouses, they make a rather complex system simple. Webshipr enables their customers to print labels, slips, and generate tracking in 1 click within their webshops.

They have created an online shipping platform that connects webshops with shippers and warehouses. Webshipr aims to automatize everything from ordering the goods to the packing list. Webshipr empathizes that connecting their platform to different webshops is easy. If it weren’t, then it wouldn’t make any sense to unify the entire process at one place.

Currently, Webshipr cooperates with 9 shippers and 10 ordering systems. If a potential customers platform isn’t a part of their list, they can contact them and they can connect the platform to the webshops through the API.

To ship a package is not unique, but the way Webshipr does it is: everything happens online. Webshipr offers to customize their customers’ freight forms and helps them to save time, which is everything to a company – especially smaller businesses with limited resources.

Simplicity throughout the company

Webshipr has made a very complex system simpler and simplicity is also a keyword to describe their business model. The model consists of five different plans:

  • Startup (100 shipments a month)
  • Small Business (250 shipments a month)
  • Professional (750 Shipments a month)
  • Pro Plus (2000 shipments a month)
  • Enterprise (5000 shipments a month)

Several things differentiate the five plans, such as: the number of shipments, sales channels, users, reports, and warehouse integrations. Companies can choose the plans that best fit them depending on how many packages they sends. The more packages they send, the more costs will increase. This implies that as the company grows, the costs follow, and Webshipr’s customers can adjust which plan they use themselves. For e-commerce, liquidity is everything, which is something that Webshipr is aware of. Thus, they don’t charge their customers anything to get started and the first 30 days are free, without any commitment.

Times change

One of the biggest challenges that Webshipr has encountered is that the logistics business is technologically behind. The business is welded to traditional methods. When Webshipr entered the market with their entirely new idea, they found it was hard to make people change their ways.

“Webshipr comes with a different approach and some people wrinkle their nose, because what Webshipr does is to gather many different suppliers at one place, hence they make it easier for their customers to change shipment. However it is very rare that only one type of shipment is used” says Mathias Salomonsson, Co-founder and CTO, Webshipr.

The bigger logistic companies are very conservative and want to do things the way they have always done. But Webshipr has worked really hard to get to where they are today and they are working with some of the biggest shipping companies in the world.

Growing through an international perspective

Even though Webshipr is located in Denmark and has existed since 2014, they don’t restrict themselves to the Danish market. Webshipr has already begun with their international flow and is currently a presence in Sweden, Germany, England and Belgium.

Behind Webshipr are Thomas Andersen and Mathias Salomonsson. The two of them met at TDC Hosting, where they both worked, Thomas within sales and Mathias with programming within performance and development.

Currently, Webshipr has a really good foundation in Denmark, so their focus has turned beyond their borders. They have a few hundred customers and more are coming daily. Thomas and Mathias aims to expand the company and go from a startup to a more established company and increase their brand awareness. Webshipr is headed forward.

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