New service gives right to dispute second hand-purchases

A way of making safe purchases on the second hand-market is finally here.

Swiftcourt is launching an unique service that gives you the possibility of securing your deal. By signing a sales contract using Swiftcourt, a dissatisfied buyer gets the right to dispute the purchase in case something goes wrong.

Losing a few hundred euros or more to a seller who fails to keep up their end of an agreement can be a serious problem. However, hardly any disputes worth less than 10.000 euros make it to court, since the entire process is very expensive and time consuming. “This is where we’re offering a new solution,” says Johan Hedén Hultgren, CEO at Swiftcourt.

Streamlining costly legal processes

The company has come up with a simple idea. A buyer and a seller agree on the details of a purchase, and make a sales contract on Swiftcourt’s website, for the cost of 5 euros. When both parties have signed the contract, they can safely go through with the deal. If the seller breaches the contract, the buyer can easily dispute the purchase without any added cost. Swiftcourt delivers a legally binding decision with 6 weeks. By using Swiftcourt’s sales contract, it’s possible to avoid making a bad deal, which can make a big difference when purchasing used goods for any sizable amount.

“Second hand-purchases are getting more and more popular as consumers become increasingly aware of the upsides. That’s a positive development and it’s problematic if this trend is threatened by people being afraid og not getting what they pay for,” says Johan Hedén Hultgren.

Swiftcourt is convinced that their services will make a positive impact, both for individuals and for a more sustainable society.

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