Singularity University opens Danish chapter

Entrepreneurs will have new opportunities to follow technological developments when the world-renowned Silicon Valley-based think tank Singularity University opens a Danish chapter in December, based in Copenhagen.

Singularity University is among the world’s leading institutions in exponential technology and dissemination of knowledge on how to ensure a sustainable future for both businesses and communities by understanding the rapid development of technology.

“We at the team are crazy proud that Singularity University is now also getting a chapter in Denmark. We already have the largest alumni in the world, measured per capita, but this will mean that far more people have the opportunity to be exposed to the exponential paradigm, which will ultimately lead to our entrepreneurs and businesses to be better equipped to navigate the future, “says Laila Pawlak from Dare2mansion, which is part of the team behind the Danish chapter.

The purpose of the Danish branch, officially called SingularityU Copenhagen Chapter, is to make Singularity University’s knowledge more accessible to a Danish audience, so that Danish entrepreneurs and businesses can use the latest knowledge and technology to solve the world’s biggest problems .

Free events and lectures every month

The SingularityU Copenhagen Chapter will host monthly salons – free lectures, debates, and networking events, with a themes based on relevant topics within or related to exponential technology. The topics may be, for example artificial intelligence, block chain, virtual reality, or the importance of robots for the future labor market. Laila Pawlak explains:

“We have been in dialogue with Singularity University a long time, and one of the reasons why we have been approved is that they are sure that exponential development is on the agenda in Denmark. We received great recognition for our training camp and competition “Danish Ideas”, where 65 people will had a full week of training in exponential technology, and the winner got a 10 week stay at Singularity University.”

The first salon will be held Wednesday, December 16th from 3-6pm. The theme will be exponential development and disruption. The event has managed to get two faculty from Singularity University in Silicon Valley to participate – Strategic Relationship Manager, Aaron Frank, and former Special Agent and Disruption Specialist, David Roberts.

“These are two really cool speakers who know Singularity University and exponential development better than most, so it’s a pretty great that they both have chosen to come to the opening of the Danish chapter,” says Laila Pawlak.

Participation in the salon is free and you can register here.


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