Trip Republic secures further seed funding

Trip Republic, the Helsinki-based startup based on travel planning and booking, has just secured a €200,000 round,  bringing their total funding amount since starting to €325,000. The startup was featured earlier this year at Travel Technology Europe  in London, where they were the sole Nordic company nominated for the prestigious Travel Technology Disrupt Award.

The funding will be used to further develop their product and secure important partnerships.  The core of Trip Republic’s service is a travel planner that allows users to be inspired by trips other users have made before them, coupled with a planning and booking service that focuses on ease of use.

Trip Republic plans to integrate more supply from travel industry leaders to create their easy planning and booking service, and offer users the possibility to book all aspects of travel in one place.

“We aim to make the step from looking to booking a lot easier. With our timeline approach to travel, we do not have to rely on the traditional aggregation methods to make personalized suggestions and deliver spot-on suggestions to our users”, says Joen Schauman, co-founder and CEO of Trip Republic.

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