For art and antique collectors, Danish entrepreneurs brings “What’s it worth” concept online

The Danish startup Mearto, started by entrepreneurs, Mads Hallas Bjerg and Johan Laidlaw, have created an online appraisal, or “what’s it worth” service, that helps people find the value of art and antiques.

The interest for art and antiques is rising. Countless television shows like Antiques Roadshow captivate people at home when the hunt for valuable treasures sets in.

“We see that these TV shows have boosted the research and interest online. That is one of the reasons to why we launched this online universe. There is a huge global interest for this topic. It is not only in Scandinavia that we go treasure hunting, ” says founder Mads Hallas Bjerg in a press release.

People seek online valuations of their things because they want to gain a benchmark of an object’s value before they sell it in marketplaces or auction houses.  Or, prior to purchasing something expensive, they may just want a second opinion to make sure they are not being ripped off.

Mearto connects them with experienced experts through their digital platform, which provides an online valuation of their art and antiques within 48 hours for $15.

The platform has experts in all relevant categories and values items from all over the world, and has so far valued more than 16,000 items from more than 100 countries.